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Performance Support Tools

Supporting your people on the job with tools and techniques to help them perform in the moment and on the move

Tools and resources to help people solve problems, make decisions and perform well in the moment.

How we can help you

We create effective and efficient on-the-job support tools to enable people to apply knowledge and enhance their performance. These resources can be integrated directly in to the workflow so that they can be used as people work.

Performance support tools are great for:

  • Helping people perform tasks quickly and to quality standards without the need for formal training
  • Reinforcing formal training by supporting on-the-job application
  • Boosting performance quickly (and without pulling people away from their work)
  • Supporting tasks and activities that are important but infrequently performed (or highly complex)
  • Enabling people to perform tasks on their own without relying on assistance
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving

Performance support can be:

  • Online or paper based job aids
  • Checklists
  • Quick reference guides/tools
  • Process guides
  • ‘How to’ videos
  • Visual maps, flowcharts or diagrams
  • Augmented reality

"Performance Support focuses on work itself while training focuses on the learning required to do the work. Integrating resources in the workplace is inevitable, and the need is urgent. Filtering resources so people get the tools and resources they need while actively working is the goal. Work process and roles are the primary filters."

Gloria Gery, PS Author and Pioneer

Why Optimism?

Insightful questioning

We ask the right questions to understand your performance challenges, context and people, giving you confidence your solution will be fit for purpose.

Broad capabilities

Our team can create a huge range of performance support tools, meaning you get exactly the right solution for your people.

Wide experience

Chances are we’ve solved this type of challenge before, so we can offer you informed and insightful guidance.