Developing technical expertise for a specific trade, profession or field

Technical Training

Developing and proving technical skill and knowledge

Training for technical skill and knowledge doesn’t always have to be instructor-led. By harnessing the power of digital learning technologies, you’ll save training time and effort, increase individual accountability, and you’ll gain IP assets that can be reused time and again.

Whether it’s for foundational learning, upskilling or refreshers, and it’s about equipment, technology or technical rules and regulations, let’s transform your technical training into a highly effective, contemporary learning solution that delivers technically competent people.

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Role Training

Getting people up to speed quickly

When you’ve got a key technical or operational role where your people aren’t performing as well as expected, it’s taking too long to become competent, or it’s too costly training them the current way, then let’s do it differently for better results.

By combining our proven learning and performance methodologies with our deep digital expertise, we’ll transform their role training to help them perform well, quickly. As a result, the business can expect to see improvement in productivity, revenue, customer satisfaction and reputation.

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Products & Services

Creating credible customer conversations through product knowledge

When your people don’t understand the ins and outs of your products and services, they either say the wrong thing or avoid saying anything, which lead to lost sales and unhappy customers.

Let’s give your people the confidence to want to, and be able to, have meaningful conversations with current and potential customers.

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Sales & Service

Delivering that competitive edge in your industry

Sometimes just having generic sales or service skills isn’t enough. Those skills actually need to adapted and applied to your unique offer, context and industry to get the results you need.

So let’s determine what’s needed, model from the best and create a solution that will give your team that competitive edge.

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Policy & Procedures

Embedding the right way to do things

When people don’t know what to do, how to do it or what’s expected of them, it’s easy for them to get it wrong. Let’s help them do the right thing,

Whether it’s applying technical standards, meeting regulatory requirements, minimising the risk, or protecting your assets and reputation, let’s help your people get it right.

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What our clients say

The initiative is highly cost-effective and provides an efficient and flexible learning environment for students. There are ongoing returns from higher margins from such a low-touch offering, with automated online delivery, assessment and certification.
CBE General Manager
We used Optimism as our eLearning provider to get product specific knowledge to our remote sales staff and to provide up-to-date, industry-specific information to our staff internally. Optimism provided us with a service that can only be described as outstanding. They took an interest in our business and ensured they understood our vision before beginning work with us.
L&D Technical Lead, LIC
When Gallagher embarked on our eLearning strategy we searched for a company that could fulfil our strategy and give us something that represented our brand and values. Optimism had a good track record and already had undertaken work for other big brands over many years. The team knew the industry and had clear guidance to help us plan our strategy and have a clear outcome. ....the feedback has been overwhelming.
National Sales Manager, Gallagher Group
We thoroughly enjoyed working with Optimism and are thrilled with the work they produced for us. Optimism’s team are really collaborative; we always felt like they ‘got it’ and we were all on the same page. We’ve had great feedback from our learners who say that the blended approach has made the new workshops far more engaging and they feel more confident as a result. In short, we highly recommend working with Optimism!
Senior Business Advisor, MPI
NZSTA has been working with Optimism for over two 2 years now and we have always found our dealings with them to be professional and effective. They truly care about our business and continue to look for innovative solutions for our needs. They are approachable and supportive and great at keeping us on track. I would thoroughly recommend them to any progressive organisation.
Operations Manager, NZ School Trustees Association (NZSTA)
Optimism are amazing to engage with – so real and in touch with your needs and requests. A great team to work with!
L&D Manager, NZ Post
I have had the pleasure of working with the Optimism team over the last 14 months. In my opinion they are professional, efficient, thoughtful and innovative. They have helped me deliver my project outcomes of a highly engaging learning pathway and if I had the opportunity I would jump at the chance to work with them again.
Dairy Apprenticeship Manager, Fonterra
It was great working with you and have recommended you to some others here so you never know there could be more work in future coming your way
Compliance Advisor, DOC
We partnered with Optimism to transform our internal product knowledge in to e-learning that is accessible for our global sales teams. From the initial consultation through to development and delivery Sussan and her team demonstrated patience and true business partnering in their flexible approach to our business and strategy.
Sales Capability Specialist - Global Ingredients
The team at Optimism were always professional - they did what they said they would do and asked excellent questions to understand our needs. The mix of digital and traditional modalities was a perfect fit for our people and we’ve had great feedback from participants. We have also cut down training time and improved on the rate to competency time frame. We’re thrilled with the result!
Training Manager, Ground Operations Training
I've been through both courses and I really like them. They are user friendly and not overly complicated. In addition I think it is a more efficient way of delivering induction training; and we are now very interested to introduce this to our AU employees also!
Australian Compliance Manager, Jarden

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