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The Next Idea: Augmented Reality

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July 25, 2023

Augmented reality as a learning strategy has been used by many for years. Learners scan an object or image with their mobile phone to unlock hidden content such as a video, job aid or website.

There’s been an increase in the use of mobile augmented reality in today’s learning and development. It is especially useful to supplement eLearning; learners are able to use augmented reality in real time in their work environment. With a quick scan of an object or image, the learner sees the augmented reality through their mobile phone and learn along with it.

Recently we had a chance to explore some augmented reality tools in the market. One in particular caught our attention – the Layar app. Using the Layar creator, it allows you to enhance flyers, postcards, packaging or any other image to show interactive content such as video, website links, photo slideshows, music clips, online stores, send an email, download an app, the list goes on. It is an easy way to transform everyday objects into a marketing or learning tool. It even allows you to track and analyse the app using statistics on page views, interactions and other sources of data.

Imagine what it can do for your employee learning!