The Induction App™

Taking it off your hands,
putting it into theirs.

Make induction easier for everyone!

Increased Engagement

Help new employees get emotionally connected right from the beginning so they will want to stay with you - and defy the stats of 22% of new starters leaving within their first 45 days.

Easy Compliance Reporting

Get new employees to prove that they truly understand the important policies, procedures or information - and you’ll have the evidence if you ever need it.

Greater Productivity

Give new employees all the tools and resources to quickly become productive – and you could expect them to outperform other disengaged members by 21%.

Higher Retention

Develop engaged and productive employees who can contribute and add value - and it’s 69% more likely that they’ll still be there in 3 years’ time.

Induction Consistency

Systemise your induction so that every new employee gets a great experience and consistent messaging – and become one of the world-class companies who do induction well.

Reduced HR Time and Effort

Put The Induction App™ into the hands of new employees, freeing up HR and managers’ time to do the parts that they do best – making it easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Give inductees what they need

Reduce the time it takes to get new starters up to speed by giving them what they need, when they need it.

Combine interactive content and visual media with on-job activities, checklists, forms, links to resources, reviews, quizzes and more.

Productivity leads to profitability.

Deliver a consistent induction experience

Systemise the induction journey with The Induction App™ so that everyone gets a consistent and enjoyable experience – engaging them even from before they start.

Empower them to co-direct their own induction and to stay on track, being guided by their web-based app (whether on phone, tablet or desktop).

Making it easy for managers and HR.

Make your company look good

Impress new employees and reinforce their decision to join the company with The Induction App™ beautifully customised for you.

Showcase your brand and your progressive thinking, and surprise them with an awesome induction experience.

First impressions matter.

Customise content for different groups

Make induction relevant and specific to each inductee, by swapping out content chunks in The Induction App™ to target the needs of different countries, brands, regions, sites or teams.

Whatever works best for your people.

Monitor early engagement

Get people excited and emotionally connected through The Induction App™ and monitor engagement levels through integrated check-ins and visual reporting.

Engagement leads to retention.

Track progress and compliance  

Track inductees’ progress through The Induction App™ so you can see how they’re going.

Report by groups, teams or individually, so you can review or troubleshoot as needed.

Your proof of induction and compliance.

The Process

Core 4 stages of the process - Agree structure & parameters, prepare content, develop, and finally review and go live

Calculate Your ROI

Find out how much you could save using The Induction App


Re-recruitment savings


New hire productive time


HR and Management productive time


Return on investment for The Induction App™



Will it look like us?

Absolutely.  It will look and feel like your company, using your colours, logo, images, etc.  And all the content will be specific to your organisation.  

Do they need to download The Induction App™?  

No, The Induction App™ is web-based so it is easily accessible without the need to download anything.  Being web-based, also means you can use it on any device through your email and password.

What if they’re not allowed to use phones at work?  

That’s okay.  Your people can easily access The Induction App™ from any device, like their desktop, laptop or tablet.  Until they start, they can still use it on their phone, or any other device.

Can they use it on their desktop or laptop too?

Absolutely.  Being web-based means you can log in and use it on any device, and it will resize for the device.    

What if we don’t want them using their Gmail to access our information?

Once they start, they can use their work email instead.  But before they start, you will be communicating with them via their personal email, so they’ll most likely start by signing in with their personal email.

What sort of content can we have?

Inside the app, you can have text, images, videos, links to documents or webpages, checklists and task-lists, fillable forms, notepad, clickable tabs, drop down accordions, flipping cards, review questions and assessment quizzes.  And there’s more to come…

Can we personalise the content for different people?  

Yes!  If you take the Enhanced or Premium option, you can have multiple groups (eg. locations, teams, etc) and change out the sections, tiles or content chunks to give them specifically and only what relates to them. Let us show you how that works.

Can we incorporate employment paperwork?

Yes, you can.  Let’s talk about what you’re doing at the moment, and how we can reduce the paper.

Can we integrate with our other systems (eg. ATS, HRIS, LMS)?

Yes, it just depends what’s important to you.  Talk to us about your integration options.    

Make induction easier!

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