Setting new people up for success

Company Induction

Providing a consistently engaging welcome experience

Are you wasting time and money letting your great new talent change their mind before they even start? Are you making them feel like an inconvenience or someone who has to be processed during their first week? Do they get a different experience depending on what team they’re in? Are they being left to sink or swim, or just figure it out as they go?

On average, one in three new employees leave before their first year is out. So let’s change that and get them engaged right from the moment they sign your contract, reinforcing their decision to join your company, and get them excited about how they can create value. And let’s make it easier for managers too!

Depending on how complex your company is, we may start with a framework before applying best-practice principles, practices and tools to help you deliver a unique and consistently engaging welcome experience for your new people.

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Role Induction

Getting people up to speed quickly

When it’s taking too long for a key role to get up to speed, or induction training time keeps getting extended, it’s time to rethink the approach.

We’ll determine exactly what’s needed for your people to reach competence, and make it easy for them to get there. Using an integrated approach of digital learning, instructor- led methods and performance support tools, the time to competence signoff could be reduced by up to 60%. That translates to savings in time and money and an increase in performance providing a measurable return on investment.

Whether it’s a new role, a key operational role, a high value role or just a high turnover role, let’s streamline learning for faster, higher performance with less time and effort.

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H&S Induction

Embedding a culture of safety

Instead of doing more of the same, make an impact with innovative, memorable health and safety induction that promotes personal responsibility.

From seminars with surprise elements, emotionally engaging eLearning, immersive group experiences, interactive video-based scenarios, or investigative stories that create personal reflection, let’s make a difference for the safety of everyone.

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The Induction App™

Taking it off your hands, putting it into theirs

Make induction easier for everyone with the web-based app that delivers consistency, engagement and productivity!

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What our clients say

Optimism are amazing to engage with – so real and in touch with your needs and requests. A great team to work with!
L&D Manager, NZ Post
We found Optimism to be highly professional, innovative and easy to work with. They took the time to understand us and our challenges up-front meaning we ended up with exactly what we needed at the end of the process. In addition the quality, performance to agreed timelines and budget were spot on.
HR Director, NZ Blood Service
We partnered with Optimism to transform our internal knowledge and expertise in to learning that is accessible to all existing and new people to our organisation. We wanted to create learning solutions that aligned to our business goals and objectives. With Optimism we are making a difference.
People Development Manager, Fisher & Paykel Finance
The team at Optimism were always professional - they did what they said they would do and asked excellent questions to understand our needs. The mix of digital and traditional modalities was a perfect fit for our people and we’ve had great feedback from participants. We have also cut down training time and improved on the rate to competency time frame. We’re thrilled with the result!
Training Manager, Ground Operations Training

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