Targeted Learning Solutions

Measurably improving performance through targeted learning in areas that matter

Blended Learning Methods

Getting faster, better results by integrating digital and traditional learning methods

Rather than do what’s always been done, let’s use innovative learning methods and performance tools to make it easy for your people to perform at the level you expect, and to get the results you want.

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The Right Mix

Optimism’s targeted learning solutions could include:​

  • Interactive workshops and training courses​
  • Contextual group scenarios and simulations
  • Engaging virtual sessions and webinars
  • Structured on job coaching kits
  • Practical leader-led toolkits
  • Self-directed development guides​
  • Powerful performance support tools​
  • Spaced reinforcements and refreshers
  • Easy quick reference guides
  • Impactful eLearning modules​
  • Interactive and branching video​
  • Dynamic web-based apps
  • Robust assessment tools
  • Engaging instructional games
  • Enlightening infographics
  • Memorable animations and motion graphics
  • Motivational reward and recognition elements ​

Whether it’s targeting a performance issue or it’s a new initiative,  let’s create the right mix of activities to enhance learning.

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Targeted Capability

Measurably improving performance and capability

When you need to drive performance or lift capability, in a particular area or across the organisation, let’s implement learning and performance solutions that will change behaviour and deliver measurable results.  ​

Whether it’s addressing current or future capability, implementing a strategic initiative, or a major change project, targeting key role capability, upskilling or reskilling your workforce, let’s ensure the solution will deliver a return on your investment.

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Strategic Initiatives and Major Projects

Making effective communication to support business tactics

When you have business initiatives, change projects or a shift in strategic growth imperatives, let’s make sure that everyone gets the right messages and is clear on goals, expectations and priorities, and their role in implementing the vision.

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Selling your IP

Making it easy for customers to use your products

When you’ve got a great product and you need an innovative way to ensure your customers are getting the best out of it, let's help your customers integrate your business expertise into their world so that they become an ideal extension of yours.

Whether you are sharing, selling or licencing your IP,  educating your customers and partners is vital to enable their accurate application and maintain your brand integrity.

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Distribution / Channel Training

Extending your reach through partner upskilling

When you rely on your franchisees, retailers or distributors, licensees, business partners, or customers support, let’s help them understand your business in a way that helps you both get maximum value from the relationship.

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What our clients say

Optimism worked with us on a range of digital learning solutions to help health and social service workers engage with Pasifika people. We were thrilled with the results. The learning experiences Optimism created were engaging, relevant and culturally appropriate. We highly recommend working with the Optimism team.
Relationship & Cultural Manager, Le Va
Optimism are amazing to engage with – so real and in touch with your needs and requests. A great team to work with!
L&D Manager, NZ Post
The Optimism team are always professional, deliver everything on time and work very smoothly with our subject matter experts. Overall, highly recommended!
People & Capability Manager, Auckland Airport
We used Optimism as our eLearning provider to get product specific knowledge to our remote sales staff and to provide up-to-date, industry-specific information to our staff internally. Optimism provided us with a service that can only be described as outstanding. They took an interest in our business and ensured they understood our vision before beginning work with us.
L&D Technical Lead, LIC

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