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Mobile Learning

Learning on the go - anytime, anywhere!

When you have people on the move, they need learning modules, micro-mods and performance support tools available on smartphones and tablets

Mobile learning, or mLearning, is interactive learning specifically designed for use on mobile devices. But mobile learning solutions aren’t just about delivering eLearning modules; they may also encompass digital and performance support elements.

How we can help you

Over 50% of internet traffic is now on mobile devices,* and most working adults have a smartphone within arm's reach at all times.  So it makes sense to design learning and performance solutions which your people can access quickly and easily - anytime, anywhere.

Because we focus on making it easy for your people to be good at what they do, the line between learning and performance support becomes blurred with mobile learning.  We may recommend that it’s more effective to create tools to support people while they’re actually doing it, rather than get them to learn how to do it beforehand.   The mobile learning solution that’s right for you may be a performance support tool or app which outlines what to do in a range of situations, but also shows them how to do it when they need it. 

Your mobile learning solution could include:

  • Mobile learning or micro-learning modules - such as specifically designed short, sharp, bite size learning
  • Performance support tools – such as checklists, decision trees, diagrams, task demonstrations, quick reference, links to more information   
  • Online or offline mobile Apps
  • Reinforcements, refreshers and reminders – such as quizzes, self-ratings, video demos, quick content, thought prompters
  • And anything else that helps your people to be good at what they do.

So come to Optimism to get the results you need.  We’ll help you deliver learning and performance solutions that are accessible and available - when, where and how your people want them.  Call us now!

Mobile learning doesn’t just mean resizing eLearning for mobile devices, or just making it responsive.  When designing mobile solutions, we design for “mobile first” to ensure a great user experience (because mobile screens are smaller than desktop and use different interactions).  To get the best solution, we use different technologies and platforms (such as native or hybrid apps) to take advantage of the mobile devices’ native functionality and interaction style.  

Give us a call and together we’ll create a mobile learning solution that helps your people be good at what they do! 

Why Optimism?

Deep experience & expertise

You’ll benefit from our deep experience in learning & performance as well as our (award-winning) expertise in digital learning technologies - so you’ll get the best of both worlds.


All our mobile learning solutions are designed to achieve specific performance outcomes - so that you get the results you need.  

Successful implementation

We guarantee that our mobile learning solutions are technically robust and will work as they should - so you can relax knowing that we’re taking care of it.

Easy to work with

We go out of our way to make it easy for you to work with us.


We aren’t attached to any particular technology or platform – so we can recommend what’s truly best for you and your situation.

Great reputation

We have a great reputation and we’re proud of it - so we’ll work hard to make sure you love working with us too.


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