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Animation / Motion Graphics

Memorable messaging through compelling visual communications

Why animations are effective
Animations and motion graphics can be a highly effective way to communicate a lot of information quickly, as they grab and hold people’s attention. Short, sharp and concise, they get your message across clearly without slowing people down.

When to use animations

Animations are great for:

  • Key messages
  • Teasers or promos
  • Customer education
  • Explaining statistics

How we work
We work with you to clarify exactly who you are talking to and what you want to say. Then our team of learning specialists and digital developers craft a fully-customised solution, consulting with you along the way to make sure you get exactly what you need to communicate your message effectively.

Why choose Optimism?

Purpose Driven

We help you achieve your goals by creating entertaining animations for serious purposes.

Custom Made

We use your brand and your tone to speak directly to your people.


We help you cut through the clutter, with animations that people want to watch.