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Digital Learning & eLearning Solutions

Using technology to power learning and performance

Digital and eLearning solutions take advantage of the latest online tools and creative technologies to deliver engaging and smart learning and performance solutions that make it easy for people to be good at what they do.

Make sure you're taking advantage of the latest tools and technologies to deliver better, faster, engaging learning and performance solutions on any device.

How we can help you

We design smart learning and performance solutions that take advantage of a full range of creative technologies and online options.

While there are many digital technologies and tools to choose from, we choose the best options to suit your context and to achieve the outcomes you're looking for. This could result in interactive learning, reinforcement, powerful performance support or engaging communications - whatever makes it easy for your people do what they need to do quickly and easily.

Digital and eLearning solutions frequently reduce cost, decrease learning time, increase engagement, improve application, and simplify tracking and reporting.  Give us a call and we'll show you how! 

Digital & eLearning Services


Using digital media to create engaging and interactive learning, accessible by computer, tablet or other device.

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Mobile Learning

When you have people on the move, they need learning modules, micro-mods and performance support tools available on smartphones and tablets.

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Animation / Motion Graphics

Memorable messaging through compelling visual communications.

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We partnered with Optimism to create a series of eLearning modules. Working with them was really easy and I was amazed how quickly they understood our requirements, which led to truly outstanding results. Every stage of the process was delivered on time without issue. I would not hesitate to work with them again.

Senior Learning Solutions Designer, Westpac

When Gallagher embarked on our eLearning strategy we searched for a company that could fulfil our strategy and give us something that represented our brand and values. Optimism had a good track record and already had undertaken work for other big brands over many years. The team knew the industry and had clear guidance to help us plan our strategy and have a clear outcome. ....the feedback has been overwhelming.

National Sales Manager, Gallagher Group

We used Optimism as our eLearning provider to get product specific knowledge to our remote sales staff and to provide up-to-date, industry-specific information to our staff internally. Optimism provided us with a service that can only be described as outstanding. They took an interest in our business and ensured they understood our vision before beginning work with us.

L&D Technical Lead, LIC

The end result we got was superior to anything we had hoped for; the team immersed themselves in our subject matter, challenged our thinking and came up with and delivered on great ideas.

Programme Manager, Concord & Advance Care Planning

Why Optimism?

Deep experience & expertise

We combine our vast experience in learning & performance with our (award-winning) expertise in digital learning technologies - so you get the best of both worlds  

Performance focused

All our digital and eLearning solutions are designed to achieve specific performance outcomes (not learning for the sake of learning) - so that you get the results you need

Efficient & Effective

We've been refining our methodologies for many years, so we know what to do and how to do it - giving you faster, better results 

Great reputation

We have a great reputation and we’re proud of it - so we’ll work hard to make sure you love working with us too

Guaranteed successful implementation

We guarantee that our digital solutions are technically robust and will work as they should - so you can relax knowing that we’re taking care of it


We aren’t attached to any particular technology or platform - so we can determine what’s truly best for you and your situation  

Case Studies

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A Global Airline
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Advance Care Planning
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