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Digital & eLearning

Using technology to power learning

Your people are looking to use technology to enable them to access learning when they need it and how they want it.

Digital and eLearning solutions encompass the latest online tools and creative technologies to deliver engaging and smart learning that is easily and quickly accessible as needed.

How we can help you

We design smart learning solutions that take advantage of a full range of creative technologies and online options.

While there are many technologies and tools to choose from, we match the right option to suit your peoples’ needs. This could be learning, performance support or powerful communications.  Whatever will help your people do what they need to do.

Using digital and eLearning solutions can reduce training costs and learning time, improve engagement and application, and simplify tracking and reporting.

We partnered with Optimism to create a series of eLearning modules. Working with them was really easy and I was amazed how quickly they understood our requirements, which led to truly outstanding results. Every stage of the process was delivered on time without issue. I would not hesitate to work with them again.

Senior Learning Solutions Designer, Westpac

Why Optimism?

Innovative solutions

We combine our vast experience with the latest technology and tools to create a solution that is perfectly designed for your requirements.

Performance focussed

Our digital and eLearning solutions are created with performance in mind and are designed to help people achieve a performance goal.


We are able to get your solution made within time and budget. We make it easy for you to embrace the latest technology.

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