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Capability Frameworks

Your visual map of all components and pathways to capability.

When you have a complex area of learning and performance to address…. you need to start with a framework. A clear framework is essential when you’re tackling company or leadership induction, role capability, professional development, sales and service performance, and many strategic initiatives.

A framework gives you a visual map or diagrammatical structure of all the learning and performance components for a particular purpose or role. You can see the whole picture on one page. And this is the basis for having further discussions or making decisions about priorities.

How we can help you

We’ll help you make sense of what seems like it’s all over the place.  We’ll bring order to chaos and help you see things clearly.  This will help you prioritise your efforts and decide where to allocate your resources.

Once we have a clear understanding of your business and goals, we design the over-arching framework that maps out the capabilities your people need to achieve optimal performance.

A framework will help you when:

  • You have a known problem area, but you don’t know where to start - efforts are adhoc or reactive
  • You have a key operational role that’s taking too long for people to master - resulting in low performance and missed targets
  • Your sales team (or channels) don’t understand your products and services well enough to have confident, credible conversations with customers - leading to lost revenue
  • You know that company induction needs an overhaul, but have many competing interests and aspects to be considered - whilst new recruit engagement suffers

With a capability framework, you will have:

  • A sense of order, knowing that everything has its place and everything is integrated
  • An agreed visual map as the basis for further stakeholder discussion and agreements
  • Clarity and agreement on the priorities and quick wins
  • An easy way to identify which components need to be reviewed, modified or developed
  • A roadmap towards the overall solution allowing you to plan resources, budgets and timeframes
  • A constant reminder of the bigger picture (your ongoing point of reference) to keep you thinking strategically rather than being reactionary
  • A sense of calm, knowing that it’s all in control.

We partnered with Optimism to transform our internal knowledge and expertise in to learning that is accessible to all existing and new people to our organisation. We wanted to create learning solutions that aligned to our business goals and objectives. With Optimism we are making a difference.

People Development Manager, Fisher & Paykel Finance

Why Optimism?

Proven models & methodologies

Our process is robust and effective which gives you clarity and confidence that you will get the right solution for your needs.

Expert consultation

We bring 25+ years’ experience to your project, giving you access to best-practice from a range of organisations and industries.

Fresh perspectives

We’ll ask questions to challenge the status quo and encourage new thinking, whilst bringing our experience from other organisations we’ve worked with.

Fast results

We do in days what others take weeks or months to achieve, because we know what we’re doing and how to do it.

Proven outcomes

We work with some of NZ’s most successful organisations, so you can be confident we will help you get results.

Performance focus

Our frameworks are designed to support your capability and performance outcomes.

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