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The price of neglect

Training your workers not only keeps them safe, but saves the country billions of dollars.

August 30, 2023


That's how much money workplace accidents and deaths are costing New Zealand per year.

This multi-billion dollar cost encompasses both direct expenses such as medical bills and compensation, as well as indirect costs like lost productivity and reputation damage.

This figure serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for improved safety measures across industries. Beyond the financial impact, humans are affected, the human toll these incidents take on families, colleagues, and communities are far too great to ignore.

This article by Stuff sheds light on the sobering reality of workplace incidents in New Zealand.

Who should explore this?

  • Business Leaders: Discover the financial ramifications of workplace accidents and the incentives for investing in employee safety.
  • HR Professionals: Explore strategies for fostering a culture of safety and implementing effective training programs.
  • Employees: Learn about your rights, responsibilities, and the importance of advocating for a secure workplace.
  • Students: Gain insights into real-world business challenges and the significance of ethical considerations in decision-making.

"Agriculture, construction and transport industries are among the most common for workplace incidents." At Optimism, we specialize in these sectors, offering comprehensive expertise to ensure your workforce is thoroughly trained, promoting their safety and well-being.

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