Is it taking too long for new people to become operationally competent?

Investing into your people, for mutual benefit.

July 31, 2023

Whenever we ask how long it takes for a critical role to come up to speed, we’re always told it’s at least 6 months.  Perhaps it’s the same in part of your organisation.  

Do any of your managers express frustration at:

how long it takes new people to come up to speed?   or

how long new people spend in training?    or

when they’re finally out of training, they’re not performing as well as expected? 

If you can relate to that, let’s imagine you have a key role that recruits about 20 people per annum, with an average salary of $75,000 pa, and it currently takes 6 months for them to come up to speed.   

If you could reduce their speed to competence by one month as well as confirm that they’re performing to expectation (due to a more efficient and effective approach) that would be a wasted salary saving of $150,000 (every year!), with a 20% increase in productivity, and happier managers.  

How much would you invest into that initiative?  

Take a look at your own numbers and see what’s possible.  If you haven’t fully redesigned their training pathway in the last few years, then a 20% reduction in speed to competence is a safe bet. 

If you want help with your ROI, or want to discuss what’s possible, give us a call.