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Awesome means the same thing in every language

May 10, 2024

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Ever struggle with sourcing translators that can do voice over? Or do you end up with translations that have just been fed through Google Translate, with sometimes hilarious results?

OK, I need to address the fact that the subheading line is a lie. In some languages when translated literally, awesome is a throwback to its original meaning which kinda makes it not a good thing.

Did you know… New Zealand is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world? We have more than 200 different ethnicities within our communities, and a quarter of all people who call New Zealand home were born overseas.
It’s a bold claim for sure.

So how do you get yourself a translation without completely missing the cultural context?
Well, there’s a tool for that. Turns out there are quite a few actually. I played with no less than 14 AI translation tools!

Here are 4 of the ones that I played with that I rated (in no particular order):

  • LipDub AI by MARZ - incredibly powerful, maybe a little too powerful, you may have seen this in action if you watched Squid Game
  • MicroBuilder by ELB - Inbuilt quick translation of a full course with two clicks using Google Translate
  • Smartcat AI - learns from your previous translations so picks up context and your way of wording things to get more accurate over time.

Yes, the tools are powerful but my number one tip would be not to cut people out of your translation process. If you go AI-only, you may lose the context or even cross into that uncanny valley.

Ka rawe! 🎉 But not đáng sợ  😱 😉  
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