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AI: Your content co-pilot

Supercharge your learning content creation with AI

September 21, 2023

Like many evolving roles, harnessing the potential of AI has become a game-changer for L&D professionals. From cooking up scenarios and scripting dialogue to crafting quiz questions, AI is like your content creation sidekick. However, striking the right balance between human creativity and AI-generated content is key. Let's explore how you can leverage AI to optimize your workflow and create compelling learning experiences.

Rather than tasking your AI tool to generate your content in one shot, break down the creative process:

Sparking Ideas and Outlining

Kickstart your content creation with a clear prompt that outlines the length, topic, audience, purpose, and tone. The AI's going to whip up a draft outline, but don't just take it as-is. Use your discerning eye and tweak it until it's just right.    


Crafting the First Draft

Time to call in AI for some heavy lifting. Instead of staring at a blank page, give your AI assistant your edited outline and a clear prompt and watch your first draft appear in seconds. Don't settle for the first attempt though. Regenerate the draft multiple times, request tone adjustments, more emphasis on key points, or guide your AI to what you’re looking for. For multiple-choice questions, ask your AI to use more specific contexts or to obfuscate the correct answer. It helps to give your AI a model, but keep an eye out for any robotic mimicry. Next is some vigilant editing by you - watch out for your AI "hallucinating" information.                                


Refining with AI Editing

Let your AI play word wizard, swapping out repeated words, fixing grammar   hiccups, and squeezing those examples into a tighter package.                                                          

Embrace AI like a high-five-worthy teammate and free up some time in your day. The future of content creation is an exciting blend of human ingenuity and AI efficiency, and it's time to embrace this partnership fully.

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