Freebie time!

Two Storyline360 tab changers! Easily editable for your organisation's needs. Simply fill in the form below to receive your template.

Vertical Tab Changer

With 5 tabs, best for more content and imagery.

Horizontal Tab Changer

With 4 tabs, best for concise content and video.

Image of two tab changers

Which would you prefer?

We've used our years of experience to craft a couple of simple tab changers that will level up your learning! Unlike the standard templates, our template addresses issues with navigation and formatting in an easy to customise package.

Simply use the design function to update to your colours to automatically update our pre-built screens that are ready for your content. Say goodbye to the clunky, cluttered and backwards, and embrace the extraordinary with our free tab changer templates, where every aspect is designed to exceed your expectations.

Storyline360 Template

storyline360 template example

Optimism Template

Gif of an overview of Optimism tab changers
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