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Induction App

Supercharge your
new employees

Get your new employees engaged, productive and compliant. Fast.

Reduce paperwork

No more spreadsheets, or paper compliance records.

Now it’s easy to track your inductees’ progress, check their engagement levels, and prove compliance. Or report on whatever you want.

Induction made easier for everyone!

Increased Engagement

Get your new employees emotionally connected with your business.

Greater Productivity

Quickly enable your new employees to contribute by giving them what they need.

Induction Consistency

Systemise your induction so that every new employee gets a great experience - and the same information.

Easy Compliance Reporting

Be able to prove that they understand your policies and procedures.

Higher Retention

Help them get embedded quickly, so that they feel valued and understand how they can provide value.

Reduced HR Time and Effort

Make it painless for managers to induct their new team members well.

Get induction sorted!

We understand that inducting new employees is time consuming and stressful.

It’s time to remove your induction headaches.

Adopt the proven and successful method for making inductees feel welcomed, valued and wanting to stay - whilst improving their performance, ensuring their compliance and making it easier on everyone! Do it now!

Why care about induction?


One in four new employees walk out in their first 12 months because they weren’t given the opportunity to become emotionally engaged.


By increasing emotional engagement, you can expect to enjoy 50% greater new hire retention, saving you almost $1million a year if you have 500 employees.


Organizations with highly engaged employees outperform others by 21%, primarily due to the all-important discretionary effort.

Bottom Line

Research shows that reducing the time it takes an employee to get up to speed (roughly 6 months) can translate to 1-2.5% of total revenue savings.

Get induction sorted

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