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Protect Your Investment in New Talent

We know that the research shows the first three months for our new employees are critical.

July 26, 2023

This early stage of employment determines whether or not they become engaged, whether they stay, and how productive they are. 

That means we have to be intentional about the design of the onboarding and induction experience. 

This is even more important now - when new employees are being hired remotely, they are working remotely, and they may rarely if ever step foot in the office.  So, in order to retain the best talent, protect our recruitment and selection effort and expense, and get the best from them, we need to create a great early experience.  
Here are three research-based, best practice techniques that make the difference to the way those new employees feel about joining your company. And these apply regardless of whether they’re inducted in person, or virtually.

  1. Start their induction experience before their first day.  

    The time between them signing their contract and their first day on the job is critical.  With a thoughtful approach, they can feel valued, you can look organised, they will feel reassured that they made the right decision to join you, and they can hit the ground running.  

    The best companies start induction before day one, and retain 81% of their new employees, in comparison to the average retention of only 67%.

    What can you do to engage, inform and delight your new recruits?

  2. Provide visibility of the whole induction journey.  

    Giving inductees visibility lets them see what they’ll be doing over their next weeks and months, and increases their sense of control and certainty. It also gives them the ability to ask for what they’re missing or still need, and get on with what they can be doing. Giving managers visibility means they know when and how to support their new recruits, and can track their progress. Giving HR visibility means they can oversee everyone, follow up or provide support as needed, and ensure accountability.    

    61% of best-in-class companies provide visibility across the whole induction journey.

    How can you provide greater visibility of the induction journey?

  3. Organise a buddy for them, and schedule time for them to connect.  

    A buddy plays several roles during the first weeks and months.  For the new inductee, having a buddy increases their social connection reducing the sense of isolation; it provides a willing someone to “show them the ropes” and to ask “silly questions” of safely; and it helps them build their network as they are introduced to others along the way.

    The research shows that new hires with buddies are 36% more satisfied, and are integrated more quickly.

So there’s three great techniques to help you get intentional, make an impact on an inductee’s experience, and protect your new talent investment.  

If you'd like help making this happen for your organisation, or you're interested in The Induction App™ which does this and so much more, just give us a call.

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