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Optimism Wins Again!

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July 25, 2023

Further to winning Silver for LearnX Best eLearning Company we are proud to announce that Optimism has received not just one but TWO awards in the prestigious 2015 International eLearning awards in New York, given by the International eLearning Association (IELA). “Health and Safety Induction for all new Employees (Regional Facilities Auckland)” has been selected as the Winner in the eLearning category and “Day Skipper Online (Coastguard Boating Education)” received an Honourable Mention in the same category.

The International eLearning Awards are given each year for the best work in eLearning, mobile learning, and blended learning, in two divisions: Academic and Business/Industry. All submissions are evaluated by the IELA Awards Committee, who look for a variety of attributes. These include, among others, educational soundness and effectiveness, usability, and overall significance.

Optimism worked with Regional Facilities Auckland (RFA) to create their Health and Safety Induction for all new Employees and Health and Safety Induction for Contractors. Taking a scenario based approach for the employees module was something that Suzy Randall (Show People Programme Manager for Auckland Live) was extremely passionate about, even using their own staff with Hema Puthran (Health and Safety Advisor at RFA) taking a starring role. The end result is a captivating, relevant and sometimes comical look at a day in the life of a new employee at RFA.

Partnering with Coastguard Boating Education (CBE), Optimism created a practical, engaging and interactive series of eLearning modules which transformed CBE’s existing Day Skipper course into Day Skipper Online. We are delighted that we were given the opportunity to really push the boundaries on this project and delivered something CBE are really proud of.