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Making the most of video

Are you making the most of video for impactful learning? Why video is important for training your employees and how you can use it.

August 1, 2023

Just recently we’ve been working with a couple of large organisations who haven’t yet incorporated video into how they deliver technical training.  At Optimism, we create video components for many of our learning solutions, and so I just wondered how much video you’re using to deliver impactful learning.  

Video is such a powerful tool for delivering engaging, memorable learning components because: 

  • Video is more visually and audially engaging than other mediums (consider how many you-tube or social media reels you watch every day, by choice)
  • Most people prefer to learn by watching someone else, rather than reading or hearing about it (remember the last how-to video you watched)
  • Video is more memorable, especially when emotional engagement is intentionally integrated  (think of a recent video clip that made you smile, laugh or cry). 

Here are some of the ways we’re using video to create impactful learning experiences for our client companies:   


  • CEO welcome
  • Site tour
  • Leadership intros
  • Behind the scenes 
  • Day in the life of
  • Values stories 


  • Interactive branching scenario 
  • Two sides of the story
  • Scenario critique

Role or Technical

  • Contextual overview
  • How to tasks or procedures
  • Product demo
  • Animation of inner workings
  • Expert explanation (with visual support)
  • Lecture/presentation recording
  • Scenario or simulation
  • System-based demos /captures

Knowledge / Mindshift

  • Leadership endorsement
  • Customer perspectives
  • Personal stories
  • Expert interview 
  • Explainers

Right now, why not:

  1. Check off how many of these video styles you’re already using
  2. Identify what else could be useful in your organisation. 

And if you need a hand with it, just give us a call. 

We have our inhouse production team, as well as our learning specialists, waiting to help you.