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How can L&D increase engagement?

Engagement means different things to different organisations or people but, above all, it comes down to people enjoying coming to work – and, as a result, contributing to high performing teams and stronger business results.

July 26, 2023

Today’s employees demand more from the organisations they work for – and with Gallup research showing that only 24% of employees across Australia and NZ are “highly engaged” (and 60% are “not engaged”) it’s clear that not all organisations are providing what their people really need.

So what does your L&D have to do with that?

Well, according to Deloitte, to create a truly engaged workforce you need to:

  1. Make work meaningful
  2. Foster great management
  3. Establish a flexible, humane, inclusive workplace
  4. Create ample opportunities for growth
  5. Establish vision, purpose, and transparency in leadership

All of those things, but in particular the fourth – creating ample opportunities for growth – can be impacted by learning and development. After all, people enjoy the familiar, being good at what they do and, above all, doing a good job. But that is balanced with wanting to grow and develop as professionals. The best way to achieve this is through thorough and effective learning and development.

So what kind of L&D initiatives can help you get your people engaged?

Professional Development Frameworks

Offering people a range of opportunities to develop their interpersonal and transferable skills, organisation-wide

Effective Induction

Ensuring that people develop a sense of pride and belonging, are aligned to organisational vision and goals, and

Development Pathways

Clearly outlining how people can become confident and competent

Your people are looking for learning opportunities that will have a real impact on their career and on the business. By designing your L&D offerings to promote the five elements that drive engagement, you’re able to support and develop people who are truly engaged within the organisation – and that can only have a positive effect on business.