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Free 10-Minute Induction Review Checklist

Our free 10-minute induction review checklist will help you complete a quick check of your induction process to find any gaps in your current process.

July 27, 2023

Employees who go through a well-structured induction are 58% more likely to remain with their organisation for three or more years.* A high-quality induction also has a lasting impact on engagement levels and helps new team members achieve productivity faster.

But finding the time to do a full induction review can be a challenge. Which is why we have two great options for you:

  • Do a quick internal review using our Free 10-Minute Induction Review Checklist. This will help you spot any big gaps or flaws in your current induction (or give you confidence that what you are already doing is solid).
  • Give Optimism a call and we will work with you to review your current induction by asking the right questions, engaging your people and working through the methodologies we’ve refined over the last 25+ years. We will then design an induction framework outlining your version of the ideal inductee experience.  We’ll help you prioritise what needs to be done and make a plan of attack.

Either way, your people - and your people leaders - will thank you for giving a bit of attention to this crucial part of your business.

*The Wynhurst Group, 2007