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Content ≠ Results

Content doesn't translate to results, why is that? Creating content for the sake of absorbable learning, not content for the sake of content.

August 1, 2023

In our digital world, we have access to all the information that there is, and we constantly hear that “content is king”.  Actually, because there is so much content available out there, many companies present “curated content” to their employees.   

But can I just say again, there is a big difference between “content” and "results” 

If that wasn’t true, anyone who has ever read a self-help book would be instantly transformed. But they’re not.   

That’s because consuming (reading, watching, listening to) content does not equate to learning.  And it does not equate to a change in behaviour, or performance, or better results.   

Just like, when making people read a policy, this doesn’t mean they can remember it, or that they can apply it, or that they even want to.   

Of course, some people could read an article, which triggers a change in their thinking, which translates to a change in their actions. 

But for most people, they might just feel wiser after they’ve read an interesting article, and that’s where it ends.  It rarely translates into different or better actions.  They merely “consumed the content” and now it’s archived. 

If you’re not getting the results you want from all the content or information you’re delivering, give us a call and we’ll show you a better way to get the results you want.