Whether you've got a clear idea of your capability development needs or are wondering where to start, we'll help you create learning strategies and solutions that get the results you want.

Strategy & Frameworks

Blended learning Your thinking + our thinking leads to the best approach

By understanding the needs, challenges and opportunities within your organisation, we can ensure the learning strategies we recommend will optimise your business for success, both now and in the future.

That's why, before we embark on your learning and development project, we work closely with you to understand what your business wants to achieve and how your people's performance will contribute to achieving your strategic objectives. Then we design the learning strategy and create an over-arching capability framework that aligns with your strategic objectives.

While our approach is consultative and collaborative, we aren't afraid to ask challenging questions and present fresh thinking.

Each framework results in a different form and presentation style, designed to meet the specific needs and desired outcomes. These could be online or paper-based and might be hierarchical flowcharts, learning pathways, maps or visual journeys, stylised diagrams, interactive tools, etc.

We take a pragmatic approach to capability development, and favour a whole of job perspective where appropriate.

Some of our typical frameworks include:

  • Induction Frameworks - from group- or company-wide, through to Business Unit and even Team
  • Role-based Capability or Learning Frameworks - with built-in learning pathways
  • Industry & Product Knowledge for Salespeople - with the purpose of increasing overall revenue
  • Leadership Frameworks - helping your leaders to create high performing teams

Whatever type of framework is created for you, the result is a complete blueprint for success covering all aspects required to meet your strategic learning outcomes.

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Integrated learning framework

Integrated Solutions

Get the right capability solutions for your organisation

We'll help you get the best return on investment from your L&D budget by creating integrated learning solutions that match the culture, context and specific needs of your people.

Our approach to capability development takes blended learning to the next level. While typical blended learning solutions often centre on eLearning, our solutions encompass the whole range of tools available for a truly integrated approach.

Your solution could include:

  • Workshops / Training Course
  • On job training
  • Coaching guides
  • Performance support tools
  • Quick reference guides
  • eLearning modules
  • Webinars
  • Digital tools & resources
  • Online games
  • Mobile applications
  • Online quizzes
  • Animated communications

By working with Optimism, the integrated solution you receive will be the right mix of elements to deliver clear performance improvement in your company, enabling individuals and teams to reach KPIs and demonstrate the behavioural outcomes you set out to achieve in the first place.

There's no one formula or process we recommend. Instead, we design the solution so that it suits your business and aligns with your strategic goals. We bring you innovative ideas to design whole-of-job learning that is easy and effective.

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eLearning & Digital Solutions

LMS eLearning Give your eLearning a new direction

Transform two-hour seminars into 20 minute eLearning modules, and gain consistency, engagement and efficiency as a result!

Optimism's eLearning solutions reduce training costs and learning time, improve engagement and application, and simplify tracking and reporting.

Our digital developers are experts at creating effective eLearning programmes using authoring tools such as Storyline, Lectora, Captivate, Flash, Adapt Framework and After Effects. Our digital solutions can be designed for use on a desktop computer, or be made responsive to work on mobile platforms such as iPad, Windows and common Android tablets.

Our eLearning solutions can also be designed for use with your existing Learning Management System (LMS), or we can help you implement a cloud-based LMS (such as Docebo, Litmos or Totara). In addition, all of our eLearning solutions are SCORM compliant, with the option to integrate with Tin Can (Experience API) Learning Record Stores, and published to either HTML5 or Flash.

To ensure your learning programmes are as engaging and effective as possible, we're constantly developing new approaches. These include:

  • Digital publishing
  • Gamification
  • Smartphone apps
  • Motion graphics
  • Online quizzes
  • Infographics
  • Performance support tools
  • Animation

The beauty of our digital solutions is that they are created to reflect your organisation's unique brand and values, and designed to achieve specific outcomes for you and your people.

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