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Keeping Your People Safe

Providing health and safety training that meets legislative standards is an essential business requirement, and shows your commitment to the safety of your people. Your team may have had training sessions, but are they actively learning and demonstrating it in the workplace?

We offer a constructive point of view and innovative solutions to train your team more efficiently and effectively. Our learning solutions are custom made specifically for your business to support health and safety performance and compliance.

Try it yourself! Click the links below to experience some of our eLearning modules.

Identifying & Managing Hazards
Avoidings Slips, Trips & Falls
Office Ergonomics
Safe Manual Handling
Serving Alcohol Responsibly
Food Safety Principles

Some of the areas we have created modules for are:

  • Health and Safety Induction
  • Hazard Management
  • Injury Management
  • Ergonomics
  • Manual Handling
  • Managing Reporting
  • Driver Safety
  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • Emergencies
  • Promoting Safety
  • Contractor H&S Induction

We also offer Safety Leadership solutions by way of:

  • eLearning
  • Safety bytes for team meetings
  • Health and safety workshops
  • Animated messages
  • Assessments
Reduce time spent in training, as a 2 hour seminar equates to a 20 minute eLearning module

Our programmes incorporate scenario-based assessment components to provide peace of mind that you're meeting new legislation and audit requirements. There's no better time to optimise your health and safety learning - it's time saving, cost effective and aligns specifically to your company.


By implementing a series of interactive eLearning modules you will:

  • Save costs on training delivery
  • Reduce H&S risk
  • Increase consistency of H&S messages
  • Improve attention to, and retention of, key messages by requiring interaction with the content
  • Increase comprehension for those with lower literacy through audiovisual learning
  • Reduce trainer time and resource spent on one-on-one or classroom delivery
  • Reduce time off the job, as eLearning can be done at the place of work
  • Increase immediacy and accessibility of H&S training, as eLearning is available anytime, anywhere
  • Provide proof of understanding & application of key messages, through randomised quizzes or assessments
  • Achieve automated tracking of progress and completion through an LMS
  • Provide access to online real-time reporting for line managers and H&S management.

The introduction of eLearning for health and safety training will provide efficient and effective training across a number of geographically spread sites. eLearning will also streamline delivery, automate reporting and increase the rigour around health & safety induction and training.


The tracking and results of eLearning (and any workshops or on job activities) can be automatically captured through a Learning Management System (LMS). The online reports will give evidence of training and assessment - for safety monitoring, audit and compliance purposes. The assessment component of the module can be used for annual refreshers as it will contain a pool of questions.

Health and Safety Check - Are you covered?

There is a great deal of talk about the proposed new Health and Safety (H&S) legislation, and the implications this will have on the way we manage H&S at work. Take this quick health-check to test your readiness - before it's too late!

Answer these 7 key questions - as honestly as possible:
  1. Does your company have emergency procedures, accident, reporting processes, a hazard management system and have all your people been trained in these?
  2. Yes    
  3. In the event that one of your people was asked if they had received Health and Safety training and they replied 'No' do you have evidence to show they have?
  4. Yes     No
  5. If a serious accident takes place are you fully confident that your people know what to do?
  6. Yes     No
  7. Do your manager's know what a 'notifiable event' is and what to do if one occurs?
  8. Yes     No
  9. Do you provide your new people with a Health and Safety Induction within the first three days of their employment?
  10. Yes     No
  11. Do you know the penalties and fines for not complying with the duties of a PCBU, officer or worker under the proposed legislation?
  12. Yes     No
  13. Has your company thought about the changes that may be required to your training materials when the new proposed Health and Safety legislation comes in?
  14. Yes     No

You are ensuring the safety of your people and your business! You have begun the preparation for the changes under the new Health and Safety legislation. Keep up the good work.
Good work on attending to the Health & Safety requirements for your business, but there is still some work to do. Attending to the areas where you answered 'No' is an important step. If you'd like some help to implement new or refresher Health & Safety training,
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You may be exposing your people and your business to unnecessary (and unlawful) health and safety risks. If you'd like some help to implement new or refresher Health & Safety training,
CALL US NOW Phone 09 520 5834!