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Let learning change the way you do business
Whether you want to get new people started on the right foot, gain peace-of-mind around H&S, risk and compliance requirements or take your leadership team to the next level, we can help.


Employee induction training Welcome in a new style of learning

A well-designed induction framework can make all the difference in creating competent, confident people.

We provide fun and engaging tools that bring new people up-to-speed faster by supporting them from pre-employment right through to on-job performance.

Our onboarding programmes use a mix of eLearning, coaching, workshops and mentoring to engage and assist your new recruits. These tools are personalised for your business to help:

  • Develop commitment and alignment to your organisation.
  • Instill a personal sense of connection and belonging.
  • Achieve faster productivity on the job.
  • Ensure compliance requirements are met.

Everything from organisational info to policies and product knowledge is delivered in a fresh and interesting way, and we work closely with you to put the right measures in place so you can get a clear picture of what areas need follow up.

Talk to us about giving your people the right start.

Product Knowledge for Sales

Product knowledge & sales elearning Create confident, competent sales people

When you're relying on a sales team to drive business growth, you need to be sure you're fuelling them with the knowledge and tools they need to sell confidently.

Our integrated learning solutions can be designed to fit the capability training needs of your sales team, wherever they are.

Web-based eLearning, mobile apps, iPad and tablet sales tools, games and quizzes are just a few of the solutions we develop for our clients, to keep their sales team's product knowledge fresh and customer service skills sharp.

We have the right tools and methodology to develop your team's sales capability - so why not give us a call?

There's no point doing product knowledge training for the sake of it. What you need is more sales as a result - and we understand that.

leadership courses for business

Applied Leadership

Tailor your leadership training

There are plenty of leadership training programmes available internationally, but few are made-to-measure like ours.

First we work with you to define the business objectives or issues to be addressed, then we create a custom-made integrated learning programme featuring the right mix of tools to fully engage your team.

Because our applied leadership programmes are designed with your specific objectives in mind, they are more effective than generic training and the results are easier to track.

Talk to us about an applied leadership programme tailored specifically for your business.

Policy & Procedure

HR policy & role training Peace-of-mind policy and procedure training

Having a policy in place means very little if people can't apply it with confidence. So, how do you get your team to do more than just sign on the dotted line?

Our integrated learning programmes include fun and challenging assessments that prompt people to demonstrate that they can apply policies and procedures confidently and competently. When we design 'refresher' training to reinforce existing knowledge, we ensure the programme and assessments are new and interesting in order to keep people engaged.

This focus on engaging people ensures training goes beyond simply 'ticking the box'. Having people demonstrate comprehension of policies and procedures gives our clients significant peace-of-mind and protects them if a dispute arises.

Ask us about our assessment programmes for policy and procedure.

Compliance training for companies

Risk & Compliance

Minimise risk, maximise performance.

When it comes to legislative and governance requirements, having people's buy-in is essential to minimising risk within your organisation. Unfortunately, the task of ticking off compliance is rarely greeted with enthusiasm.

So how do you turn a tedious learning process into one that people engage with?

Our team is expert at creating fun and relevant learning solutions that change the way your team sees risk and compliance - for example, our eLearning tools can turn a 2 hour workshop into a 20 minute online programme.

Our solutions don't just improve productivity by getting your team back on the job quicker, they also ensure people understand and can apply the concepts they've learned. Every solution we develop is easily assessable, so you can track performance against KPIs. Plus, we can adapt the content at any stage to keep your learning solutions fresh and challenging year in, year out.

Take control and minimise risk by empowering your people - talk to us today.

Health & Safety online courses

Health & Safety

Get peace-of-mind from your training programme

As an employer, it can be hard to spot the gaps in your Health & Safety training until a problem arises.

Your team may have had training sessions, but are they actively learning and able to react on the job?

Rather than a free morning tea, Health & Safety training should be treated as an opportunity to become well prepared for real life situations. We offer a constructive point-of-view and innovative solutions to train your team more efficiently and effectively.

We can work with you to develop or refresh your WorkSafe-based Health & Safety programme, using integrated solutions to drive interaction and engagement from your people.

Our training programmes incorporate assessment components to give you peace-of-mind that you're meeting new legislation and audit requirements, and that your team is able to put their knowledge to good use.

There's no better time to safeguard your business than now. Start training your team in a more effective, efficient way with our help.